October 1, 2023

Avail all Bundle Discounts and Gifts Provided by BBQs 2u on their Christmas Deals

This Christmas and New Year Eve are slightly better than the previous year when the entire world was enclosed in their shell. Though the third wave of the Omicron variant is keeping us inside again, Britons have no reason to not celebrate New Year. Their grills and ovens are all set in the backyard and snow is shoveled from the path to make way for families to gather. Those who are still preparing are focusing on buying the best grill or oven from BBQs 2u.

BBQs 2u has seen a rise in sales in their grill and oven during summer. Even though people were locked in their homes, they have ways to enjoy their steak. Similarly, the company has seen an increase in demand for grills and ovens in winters. Siberia has not seen any downfall in the barbecue parties even in zero temperature, therefore Britons also have no reason to avoid their favorite time pass and delicacy, especially in New Year. 

Ever since the company has started the 12 days of Christmas sale, it has seen a rise in demand for various grills and ovens. The company deals in different renowned brands like –

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  • Kamado Joe – traditional Asian style grill with thick ceramic walls that keep smoke confined inside that helps in keeping the meat moist and fresh. Their Kamado Joe Classic 1, 2, and 3, Kamado Joe Big Joe2, and 3 as well as Kamado Joe Kettle Joe is famous in the UK market.
  • Napoleon– the oldest and renowned brand of Ontario, Canada based on German technology. The brand is known to be in the market since 1981.
  • Masterbuilt – it is a famous USA brand which was introduced in the UK by the BBQs 2u. The brand was established in 1973 in the USA and their Gravity series is known for its digital and innovative technology. 
  • Ooni Pizza Ovens –Ooni brand is known to create the world’s first portable pizza oven in 2012. It is the world’s No.1 Pizza oven company. 

BBQs 2u has set up great deals and offers in the ‘12 days of Christmas Deals’ on every product they have in their store. In their Christmas deals, they are providing exclusive bundle discounts on Big Joes and Classic series along with gifts including lump wood, charcoal, Kamado Joe cover, Griddle, etc. Their Kamado Joe Kettle Joe bundle is available at a 15% discount with free Kamado Joe kettle cover, 9kg lump wood charcoal, and Flamers natural firelighter. This means the Kamado Joe kettle Joe which was £549 is now available at £466.65. 

The kettle Joe includes a steel rolling cart and locking wheels, folding cast shelves, SloRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber, Ceramic Fiber box, in-built thermometer, ash drawer that can slide out, racks to keep accessories, and hinged lid. The kettle Joe is similar to other Kamado Joe models, but it includes some innovative techniques like Wi-Fi Control. It has all benefits of Kamado Joe of heat retention, smoking, and fuel efficiency. 

BBQs 2u is known for its series of grill collections that are liked by all Brittons. They know what the country craves for, and therefore the company ensures they meet all requirements of all barbecue passionate lovers. They have various followers on social media. People can join their FaceBook account to follow all promotions and offers. They also update any news about products and features to keep all fans updated.