December 10, 2023

Be respectful to pay respect for the Buddha in Khaoyai

Tourists to pay respect

There are many tourists who dress inappropriately while visiting the Buddha in Thailand Khaoyai. The visitors visiting Khaoyai must pay respect for the Buddha in Khaoyai ( ไหว้ พระ เขา ใหญ่, Which is the term in Thai). There are a few gestures in which the tour guide will inform the tourist to pay respect to Buddha in the temple of Khaoyai. While entering the temple, one must cover the shoulders and knees. The dos and don’ts are not generally just wearing a different color of clothes, but some important and strict guidelines are expected to follow. Thailand is a hot country, and most of the people staying and visiting the place tend to wear shorts and open dresses, but there are few dress codes for the temple to maintain its sanctity.

Dress properly 

A certain type of dress is required while going inside the temple of the Buddha in Khaoyai. Besides the style of clothes, the behavioral pattern is another part that must be checked once the person is in the temple area. Clothes that are tight, see-through, and sleeveless on the body are not allowed for women, but trousers and long skirts covering the knees and shoulder are allowed. Men are expected to wear trousers and shirts with long sleeves, and other restrictions are the same as women. There are many temples authority that understands the inconvenience of the hot climate. So, they have long dresses in hand for a small fee for the visitors.

Check your behavior

It is advised to keep the cell phone must be on silent mode till the visitors are in the temple. Selfies with Buddha are not considered to be a respectful attitude. It would be better if this is avoided. Never point fingers at any object, at each other, and especially at a monk or the buddha statue. It is suggested to use the right with the palm facing upwards for any indication. Never sit on a higher platform while speaking with a monk. Women must kneel with their toes pointed behind them, and the men must sit with their legs crossed.