October 1, 2023

Hemp oil in two glass jars and sauceboat with grain in the bag, leaves and stalks of cannabis, a spoon with flour on the background of wooden boards

CBD Oil For Dogs UK is one of the cannabinoids or CBD compounds found in the hemp and the cannabis. It is important to note that, in majority of cases, the CBD oil doesn’t contain the THC – delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, the compound which gives marijuana the psychoactive properties. Most of the CBD products are known to be derived from the hemp and not the marijuana.

How it affects dogs

At the moment, there have been no studies formally on the way the CBD tends to affect the dogs. What the scientist knows is that, the cannabinoids tend to interact with the receptors of the cannabinoid that are located in the peripheral and central nervous systems, which helps maintaining balance in the body, keeping it a healthy state which is normal.

What dog health problems can be treated by CBD oil?

While there might be no scientific data that is definite on the use of CBD in treating dogs, there are some anecdotal evidence that you can get from dog owners which suggest that it can be in a position of treating pain, especially the neuropathic pain as well as to help in controlling seizures.

CBD is also utilized due to its anti-inflammatory properties, the cardiac benefits it has, the appetite stimulation, the anti-nausea, and the anti-anxiety impact and also for some anti-cancer benefits although no conclusive data has been found.

Side effects of the CBD in dogs

While there is no scientific data on the side effects of the use of CBD in dogs, there are some potential side effects which are based on the way the CBD is known to affect the human. To be able to minimize the potential side effects, you have to ensure that you follow the correct dosage.

They include:

  • Dry mouth: As per the research, the CD is known to reduce the saliva production. For the dogs, it might manifest by an increase in thirst.
  • Low blood pressure: CBD in high dosage has been known to cause temporal drop in the blood pressure. And although the drop is small, it could end up creating a feeling briefly of light headedness.
  • Drowsiness: Owners of dogs have utilized the CBD in treating anxiety. The effect of he CBD to calm might also cause slight drowsiness, especially when using high doses.

Risk of use of CBD oil in dogs

The risk and safety of use of CBD for the dogs haven’t been researched yet. It has not been approved and there is no dosing chart for the same. Thus, it is not known the size of dosage which might be toxic.

Any supplement or medication does carry its own risk as far as reaction is concerned. It is recommended that when you give your dog anything new, you should start out small with smaller amounts and then monitor closely the effects. You have to check always with the veterinarian first before doing anything.  That way, you will get the right advice as far as usage is concerned and how to handle side effects and risks.