October 1, 2023

Dry Hashish: Come si realizza ?


Dry Hashish is a type of cannabis concentrate obtained by separating the resin from the plant using specific screens. The name comes from the very technique used to extract this type of hash. Dry Hashish represents for cannabis users one of the best experiences a smoker can have. This technique of separating the resin is the best method for preserving all of its organoleptic properties, unlike other methods such as Ice-o-lator, BHO or Rosin, which undergo significant alterations to the resin during the extraction process.



Only Dry Sift screens and some good quality marijuana are needed to perform this extraction technique, resulting in High Quality Dry Hashish.

Dry Sift screens are frames with a mesh that have different sizes, expressed in microns; mesh sizes range from 220 microns to 38 microns. These kinds of frames originated for the screen printing industry, but today several companies in the cannabis industry produce specific models.

The marijuana to be used for extraction should be resin-rich, dehydrated but not very dry, so that the glandular trichomes come off more easily without contaminating the extraction with plant material that is too dry. If you have marijuana plants recently harvested but yet to be trimmed, they are the best solution.

Below you will find a list of everything you need:


  • Dry Sift screen 220-180-73 micron
  • 500 grams of marijuana
  • plexiglass plate
  • workbench
  • spatula or phone cards
  • brush
  • baking paper
  • alcohol
  • precision scissors


The amount of marijuana is indicative; we used the above amount for our experiment. It is also possible to work with the waste from peeling the buds. The yield and quality of extraction depend on the quality of the raw material used. The size of the table and plexiglass plate should be proportional to the size of the Dry Sift screens.

Let’s see step by step how to proceed:


  1. place the plexiglass plate on the table
  2. clean the plexiglass plate with alcohol
  3. Place the Dry Sift screens on the plexiglass plate so that the sides match
  4. Dry Sift screens should be stacked in ascending order, lowest the 73 micron screen, then the 180 micron screen and finally the 220 micron screen
  5. Spread the marijuana on the 220 micron top screen
  6. In our case the marijuana flowers were still to be trimmed so we performed the flower cleaning operations using the screen as a base
  7. With the squeegee or with the board move the flowers all over the surface of the screen
  8. Gently tap the surface of the screen with your hands so as to facilitate the fall of the resin
  9. Collect the marijuana from the surface of the Dry Sift screen and store it
  10. Remove the 220 micron screen from the column
  11. The surface of the 180-micron dry screen is filled with resin
  12. Using the spatula, gently move the resin from side to side to filter out plant debris.
  13. 1-2 minutes are sufficient to filter out glandular trichomes smaller than 180 microns in size
  14. when separation is complete collect the resin mixed with plant residue left on the screen and store it in baking paper
  15. remove the 180 micron filter
  16. Repeat the operation with the resin deposited on the 73-micron filter..
  17. With a tab gently move the resin from one side of the screen to the other
  18. in a few minutes the fully filtered Dry Hashish is ready


At this point you can either collect the resin from the 73-micron screen surface and store it or continue with further enhancement through “static tech.”


Static tech is a resin separation method through which concentrates up to 99 percent purity can be obtained. This technique uses the electrostatic charge of certain materials to separate the glandular trichomes from the plant parts that contaminate the concentrate.

Performing this extraction is relatively easy, the electrostatically charged materials that can be used are various, in our case we use baking paper wrapped around a DVD case, but a latex glove inflated like a balloon is also effective. Let’s see how to proceed:


    1. Wrap a sheet of baking paper around a DVD case so that it is snugly
    2. Use the case as a spatula to move the resin from side to side on the 73-micron screen
    3. the resin should be moved gently in one direction in small amounts
    4. during the movement the resin separates on the two opposite sides of the case, the waste part remains on the side in contact with the screen surface, and the glandular trichomes accumulate on the upper side separating due to the electrostatic charge possessed by the baking paper
    5. Separate glandular trichomes should be collected each time we make the resin movement from one side of the screen to the other
    6. Using a small brush, dust the side of the case where trichomes accumulate onto a sheet of baking paper for later storage
    7. Repeat the operation of moving the resin several times to try to capture as many crystals as possible
    8. Collect and store the resin remaining on the surface of the 73-micron screen
    9. remove the 73 micron screen from above the table
  • collect the resin deposited on the plexiglass plate

The end result is a 99% pure full melt hash consisting of only large glandular trichomes. This kind of concentrate is very sensitive to temperatures so it is recommended to store it in the refrigerator in an airtight container. The rest of the harvested resins represent lower qualities, but still good for consumption.


Enjoy your Dry Hashish !