December 10, 2023

Find Durable and Cost-Effective Reefer Containers For Your Business

Transporting perishable goods requires special attention to ensure that the products remain fresh and unspoiled. Reefer container for sale  are the perfect solution for transporting temperature-sensitive goods such as fruits, vegetables, meat, and pharmaceuticals. At times, buying a reefer container for sale can be an excellent investment for your business, whether you’re in the food or pharmaceutical industry. In this blog post, we’ll explore everything you need to know about purchasing a reefer container.

What is a Reefer Container? 

A reefer container, also known as a refrigerated container, is a container that is purpose-built to transport perishable goods. It has control temperature systems that maintain the desired temperature range. The temperature range can range from -30°C to 30°C, depending on the product’s requirements. Reefer containers are available in several sizes, ranging from 10 feet to 40 feet high cube. 

Consider the type of refrigeration system.

When purchasing a reefer container, one of the primary considerations is the kind of refrigeration system. There’s the diesel-electric and all-electric system. The diesel-electric system uses a generator set powered by diesel. The generator runs a motor that drives the refrigeration compressor, which, in turn, cools the container. Conversely, an all-electric system relies on electricity to power all the cooling components, making them more suitable for dockside operations where there is reliable power. You need to factor in the type of product being transported when choosing the refrigeration system, and most importantly, the required temperature range and duration.

Inspect The Container Thoroughly

When purchasing a reefer container, it’s vital to inspect the container critically. This is because it requires to operate efficiently and provide constant temperature which can preserve the quality and longevity of the goods. Check for any cracks, holes, or dents that could compromise its airtightness or cause temperature fluctuations. Also, check the refrigeration machinery, compressors, fan motors, and evaporators, among others. You can also ask for a refrigeration test to verify whether the container meets the required standard.

Maintenance checks and repair history

Maintenance checks and repair history play a crucial role when purchasing a reefer container. Ensure that the container’s maintenance records are up to date and that it’s regular servicing and all necessary repairs have taken place. This information is vital in determining the unit’s lifespan, repair costs, and order of magnitude of its future maintenance costs. You can also ask the supplier if there are any warranties or guarantees attached to the sale.

Establish the seller’s reputation

Reputable sellers are crucial when purchasing a reefer container. Buying from reputed suppliers guarantee you quality products and services. You can research the supplier online, check for customer reviews and ratings, and contact previous customers if possible. 

In Short:

Reefer containers provide an excellent solution for transporting perishable goods, and purchasing a reefer container for sale can be a worthy investment. When considering buying a reefer container, the essential factors to consider are the refrigeration system type, inspecting the container thoroughly, maintenance checks and repair history, and establishing the seller’s reputation. By adhering to these crucial considerations, you can acquire the perfect reefer container for your transportation needs.