February 1, 2023

How To Unlock The Elden Ring Hacks: A Definitive Guide To All Of The Cheats

The Elden Ring is, for many players, the first post-launch expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online. It’s a small DLC pack with relatively few new features. However, it does introduce an entirely new zone accessible from each of the alliance capitals, and that alone makes it worth playing.

The zone you’ll be visiting is called Belsim Village, which is nestled between mountains in the Hinterlands region of Eastmarch. You’ll be hunting wild animals to get valuable pelts and crafting components as part of your storyline quest.

If you want to know how you can unlock all of the cheats in the Elden Ring, this guide will help you out!

What Are The Cheats For The Elden Ring?

The game’s framerate can be severely compromised when you’re in a large group, especially in Cyrodiil. The Elden Ring features a new zone mod that aims to solve this problem by altering how the game is rendered. Essentially, it makes the game run at 60 FPS, regardless of where you are.

This cheat makes that toggle; it’s great if you’re playing with a group of friends. However, it’s rather more useful if you’re good at summoning a lot of players for Cyrodiil.

This cheat will make the game render at the same speed no matter how many players are in your group. It’s great for getting those high-end items that might otherwise be a little too pricey.

Unlock All Of The Belsim Cheat Codes

While you’re playing, take a look at the “Belsim Cheat Codes” section at the bottom of the screen to see if any of the cheats have been unlocked.

There are a few that are especially useful, so make sure you pick them up.

/aim – This command lets you toggle on auto-aim on or off. It’s particularly useful when you’re fighting a group of enemies that you can’t keep track of.

/aimbot – This command lets you toggle on or off the auto-aim feature.

/ai – This command lets you toggle on or off the AI for your character. You can also use it to toggle on or off the AI for your pets and mounts.

/af – This command lets you toggle whether you want to use the Advanced Framerate cheat. If you do, you’ll have to change the title back to “Non-Playable” when you want to play.

/alt – This command lets you open up your camera while you’re in third-person mode. You can use it to see additional information about where you’re standing.

/am – This command lets you toggle whether you want to use the Advanced Memory Cheat.

/an – This command lets you toggle whether you want to use the Advanced Netcode cheat.

Get Free Crafting Materials

If you want to save some gold on crafting materials, there are a couple of elden ring hacks you can use to help you out.

/crafted – You can use this command to make all of the recipes in a crafting station cost nothing. This will save you a lot of gold, but you’ll need to unlock everything before you can use this cheat.

/crate – This command lets you get one free crate of each type of material that you can craft.

/craft – This command lets you unlock all of the recipes in a crafting station.

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