July 20, 2024

Reasons to Buy the most realistic cubic zirconia rings

You will be highly surprised to learn that some University researchers established the direct relationship between the amount of money that a person spends or buying the engagement ring and the duration of the marriage. And the biggest surprise is the inference of this research that proves couples spending more money on marriage and engagement rings have a higher rate of divorces. Unbelievable, but facts can be hard. Indeed, if you think logically, what is the point of spending money for buying a ring when the only thing that matters for a relationship is the emotion of love.

Don’t bring in money stress

Money is the only thing that is necessary to continue a comfortable living throughout life. If you think that buying an expensive ring is the ultimate key to establish a happy home, you are wrong. The low-cost, most realistic cubic zirconia rings can serve the purpose well if you don’t want to break the bank and buy a big rock for the lady love. Diamonds won’t be forever if the relationship suffers due to financial constraints. So you must refrain from wasting money and buy realistic alternatives for a diamond if your lady has a fascination for diamonds.

High quality

A difference of 98% in the price is a big factor while considering the prices of 1-carat cubic zirconia and 1-carat diamond. The comparison parameters are the regular four C’s – Clarity, Cut, Carat Weight, and Color. The disproportionate value difference is not because of less durability or less attractiveness. And the gemstone is rare too. But as diamond mining is an elaborate process and the rock is already an unparalleled one in the jewelry industry, the cost of manufacturing is too high. Probably, that is the only reason for the abnormal difference.

It is not an investment

The jewelers may try to persuade you by saying that buying a diamond is an investment. But it is not so. Do you think that you can ever sell the engagement ring to make a profit? It is impossible. So forget about investment when you are buying the ornaments. It is only expenditure, and so, you have to spend the minimum possible for buying the best quality of the ring. As cubic zirconia is famous for the quality and show, you can buy the same instead of the over-priced diamonds. It makes a lot of sense to keep the costs down.