September 29, 2023

The Risks of Buying Instagram Likes: How to Avoid Getting Scammed

Instagram is a powerful platform for small businesses and individuals, with over one billion monthly active users. And while organic growth on the platform can be slow, there are shortcuts available—buy real instagram likes.

On the surface, buying likes may seem like a quick and easy way to jumpstart your Instagram presence. However, several risks associated with this practice must be understood before you hand over your hard-earned cash. This blog post will cover some dangers of buying likes and how to avoid getting scammed.

The Dangers of Buying Likes

  • When you buy likes at MegaFamous, you’re essentially paying for fake engagement. This means that the people who like your content are not interested in your brand or product. And while fake engagement might boost your ego, it won’t do anything to grow your business or promote your products or services. Instead, it could damage your reputation if people realize you’re paying for fake engagement.
  • In addition to damaging your reputation, buying likes risks getting banned from Instagram. The platform is constantly evolving and cracking down on fake engagement, so it’s only a matter of time before they catch on to people buying likes. You could instantly lose your account—and all your hard work—if caught. So, it’s simply not worth the risk.
  • Finally, buying likes creates an inaccurate picture of your brand’s popularity on Instagram. For example, let’s say you have 1,000 followers and buy 1,000 likes for each post. Your engagement rate will appear to be 100%, which looks great! But in reality, only 10% of your followers engage with your content. This means that 90% of the people who see your content will think it’s not very popular—not exactly the impression you want to make.

How to Avoid Getting Scammed

Now that we’ve covered some of the risks associated with buying likes let’s talk about how to avoid getting scammed if you decide to go ahead with this shortcut.

  • The first step is to do your research and find a reputable supplier. A quick Google search will reveal a long list of companies that sell likes, but not all of them are equal. Take some time to read reviews from other customers before deciding; if a company has mostly negative reviews, move on to someone else. Also, check out the company’s refund policy if you’re unhappy with the quality of their service.
  • Another way to avoid scamming is to buy only from companies that use real accounts. Unfortunately, some suppliers use bots or automated software programs to generate fake engagement, which can lead to many problems (like getting banned from Instagram). So before you make a purchase, ask the supplier whether they use real accounts or bots; if they can’t give you a straight answer (or if they tell you they use bots), find someone else to buy from.


Buying likes may seem like an easy way to grow your Instagram following, but there are several risks associated with this practice. These risks include damaging your reputation, getting banned from Instagram, and creating an inaccurate picture of your brand’s popularity. If you decide to buy likes anyway, do your research and only purchase from a reputable, real-account supplier.