March 20, 2023

What is the use of Asbestos and why to hire asbestos Testing Service?

No one knows exactly when asbestos began to be used for construction purposes, but many believe it was around the 1930s. By the time World War II hit, many countries, including the United States and South Africa, had made asbestos a material used in their construction projects.

This is because it was very lightweight and durable and did not cost much in production. Because of these qualities, asbestos began to be used in everything from ceiling tiles to ships decking. Since it has been discovered that asbestos is dangerous and causes cancer, the material is banned in many places and limited in others.

Asbestos testing services are needed so that you can determine if asbestos is present in your home and/or building. A: You should have your home inspected for asbestos and if there is any doubt about its presence, then you should have it tested by an accredited service.

Each state has its department of health and safety that determined appropriate asbestos limits for commercial and residential uses. The number of asbestos fibers per square inch in a product determines its level of risk to humans.

When you decide to hire an asbestos testing services company to conduct a test, there are several things that you will need to consider. You must first determine the source of your asbestos exposure. Some types of asbestos are naturally occurring, while others come from things such as demolition debris or fireproofing materials.

Next, you must determine if you have been exposed to more than simply a surface level of asbestos. There can be a great amount of internal exposure to asbestos fibers within a building when old materials sit stagnantly or are not properly removed from the building to keep the building dry and safe.

Your chosen asbestos testing services will perform a physical examination of the structure of your building as well as a chemical analysis of the materials. It is not uncommon for labs to also test for gases, radon, moisture, condensation, and other typical signs of asbestos exposure.

During the physical examination, the technicians will look for the presence of the particular kind of asbestos and any degradation that might be present. They will also look for the specific material that has the highest levels of asbestos concentration. Then the technicians will conduct a thorough chemical analysis to determine if there are any other materials containing asbestos present in your building’s structure or if the asbestos is already degrading.

When testing for airborne asbestos the technicians will use a variety of methods to determine the amount of airborne asbestos present. Usually, a gas chromatography/mass spectroscopy (GC/MS) or gas chromatography/gas sensors (GC/GMS) will be used to determine the level of asbestos present in your sample.

Based on the data from the gas chromatography/mass spectroscopy test the laboratory will determine if it is safe to remove the asbestos yourself or if you should call a professional asbestos removal company to do the work for you.

If you decide to hire a professional to remove the airborne asbestos the company will make you a contract stating that they will dispose of the asbestos safely with no further damages to the property or to any individuals that may be exposed to the airborne asbestos. Make sure to read this contract carefully before you sign it.

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