October 1, 2023

Why You Should Choose to Have Your Loved One’s Jewelry Cremated: cremation jewelry

Jewelry is a gift that can last a lifetime, each piece is a symbol of love and friendship, a memento of memories or a symbol of a commitment to a special someone; however, it can also become a memorial to someone you lost; when your beloved loved one passes away, the grief and sadness can be overwhelming – a time for healing can be the perfect opportunity to say goodbye and to begin the process of remembering.

Jewelry is a meaningful way to remember the person you lost and honor their life; there’s also the sentimental value of keeping something the person cherished for years and if you’re ready to move on, or get rid of the jewelry that’s bringing you down, a jewelry cremation can help you say goodbye in a meaningful way while keeping the piece you love.

Why Choose Cremation Over Other Options?

With cremation, you’re getting the best of both worlds – you’re making sure the jewelry stays together while ensuring that the ashes are scattered to the four winds: it is more environmentally friendly than other options; the destruction of jewelry, unlike some other memorial options, doesn’t require the creation of landfill space.

It’s also the most expensive option – cremation is the only way to destroy a piece of jewelry completely: Other options, such as burying the jewelry, will be broken up cremation jewelry and buried in a landfill; cremation, on the other hand, makes it so the jewelry is no longer in one piece – it’s a quick, affordable and gentle way to say goodbye to something you love.

How Does Cremation Compare to Other Options?

Burial is the most expensive option, especially for gold jewelry- a beautiful, custom-made piece can cost thousands of dollars; in fact, buried jewelry is so expensive that many people opt for cremation instead.

You’ll likely spend more on the cremation service than on the burial service.: Cremation and burial are both parts of a traditional memorial service; while some crematoriums offer a more basic service with an urn, most will work with you to create a more unique experience.

Burial services can have a small, private ceremony or a larger public one; cremation services usually happen in a funeral home, with a private cremation urn or urns; it is the only option that does not require the presence of family or friends; you can choose to be cremated and buried or buried and cremated, it’s entirely up to you.

Tips for Cremation Jewelry

Choose your jewelry carefully: A wedding ring, for example, is a significant symbol of love and commitment; The same goes for a watch or a pair of earrings. If you don’t have time to pick out a perfect piece, consider renting a piece.

Renting a piece of jewelry is a kind of test drive – you’ll likely buy the piece if you like it; cremation jewelry will be melted down to create the urn and before placing the jewelry in the cremation machine, you’ll want to either remove any sentimental pieces or have them blessed.