June 7, 2023

Some of the Magnificent Places to visit Tohoku


Japan is the most visited tourist destination in the world, especially in the season of spring. It has nine regions and each region has its own significance, cultures, values, customs, and rules. Out of all these 9 regions of Japan, one is Tohoku, the best region in Japan for tourists to visit and spend some gala time with their family and friends.

Let us look into some of the Japan Tohoku tour places which are a must-visit:

Yama-Dera Temple

One of the most prominent places to visit in the Tohoku region of Japan is this Yama-Dera mountain temple. This temple not only has Buddhist significance but also is an adventurous trip visit to this temple. One can reach this mountain temple by climbing 1000 steps enjoying the Mountain View. It is a magnificent and thrilling climb to the temple with lots of sightseeing and fun. This temple is based on the poet Basho who wrote about the serenity and its beauty in the place.

Samurai Village in A Kimono

This is a must-visit place in Tohoku, when visiting japan. To enjoy the feel and culture of Japan it is the perfect place, the Samurai village of Kakunodate in Akita. People can come to visit the village and learn about the history of Kakunodate and his family in this village. In order to take a look at the village, it is a must for women to wear the traditional dress of Japan, Kimono and men are required to wear classic robes of Samurai. This will take you to the old times in the life of Samurai village.

The Temple of 500 Disciples in Morioka

In the city of Moriko, which is the capital of Iwate lies the temple of 500 Disciples. It is a must-visit place in Tohoku tour as it narrates beautiful tales of its occupants. It has a collection of wooden mannequins or figures in different shapes and poses to have a look at. It is the most beautiful place to visit once in a lifetime.

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